Ultimately, I find it rewarding to help people get what they want -- here's what some of my clients have said about their buying experiences:

"The path to car buying is full of many real and proverbial roadblocks. How do you know if you are making the most informed decision? Should you believe the car ads? Do you have the time or energy to figure out what your car is worth for a trade-in? Do you have the stomach or knowledge to negotiate the best price? Working with Gary and BAB helped me conquer all my car buying fears. In the end, I was able to make an informed, intelligent decision for my car purchase. From start to finish, Gary provided guidance, helping me narrow down my options, weed out the wrong choies, analyze my needs, research the latest information, test drive cars and work within my budget. Having Gary as an advocate took all the stress and worry out of the process, kept the salesmen at bay, helped me avoid any impulse decisions and put me in control. This small investment was worth every penny and buying a car any other way is really taking a huge risk. I encourage anyone considering buying a car to work with Gary and arm yourself with the tools to feel confident about your car buying decisions."

Jean S.
Buffalo Grove, IL

"I was moving to Chicago from out of state, needed a new car as soon as I got to town, and did not have the time to go through the "normal" car buying process. I contacted Gary about two weeks before my move and we talked about my vehicle needs. The day after I arrived in Chicago, Gary already had the car ready at a dealership near my new house, with price negotiated. The following day I showed up at the dealership, Gary met me there, and within an hour I was driving away. I cannot begin to stress how easy the car buying process was thanks to Gary. Oh, and the price... I know he doesn't guarantee he can get you the lowest price, but I can assure you the price he negotiated for me cannot be done by anyone outside of the car dealer business. Better Auto Buying is an amazing service, and I cannot imagine buying another car without Gary's help."

Shane P.
Geneva, IL

"Gary was professional and thorough in every aspect of our car buying experience. His knowledge, assertiveness, and persistence got us a lower purchase price and better trade-in price than we would have likely achieved on our own. Gary also convinced the dealership to certify the vehicle for free, improving the warranty and qualifying us for a better finance rate -- he was 4 for 4! We'll be back."

Mike and Sarah T.
Chicago, IL

"Gary, thanks for your help in selling our used car and purchase of a new car. Your services were everything and more than advertised. The combination of the top dollar we received for our used car, along with buying our new car way below sticker price saved me thousands of dollars. You made the whole process extremely easy from test driving cars to the final paperwork. Thanks for your help."

Scott S.
Lincolnshire, IL

"Buying a new car is not an easy task, especially for someone who doesn't have a lot of time to surf the web looking for what they want. I recently purchased a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and used Gary's service to help me find the perfect car, and the perfect price. Working with Gary was a real pleasure, as he not only found me exactly what I was looking for in a very short amount of time, but also worked to get the price down to where I needed it to be. I highly recommend Gary to anyone who has a very specific idea of what they want in a car, as well as those who are unsure of what they need for themselves or their family. He can find them all, and he'll make the experience pleasurable and simple until you find what you're looking for."

Tyler U.
Chicago, IL

"This was the easiest and most painless car-buying experience I have ever had. Thank you, Gary, for finding the ideal vehicle for me at a good price and getting me top dollar for my almost14-year-old trade-in."

Judith R.
Evanston, IL

"We bought 2 cars at different dealerships, and were tremendously impressed with the Better Auto Buying service. In both cases, the process of selection, negotiation of the deals and delivery of the vehicles was flawless. It gave my husband and I great peace of mind knowing that we got the best deals on exactly the cars we wanted. We highly recommend doing business this way."

Elizabeth W.
Wilmette, IL

"I could not be more pleased with the assistance I received from Gary. He was very effective in obtaining lease numbers that I could not have obtained without him, and Gary was very diligent and responsive. He even advised me regarding the equity in the vehicle I had been leasing, and very quickly found a buyer for the vehicle who bought it from me even before I was in title! I will definitely be a repeat customer."

Joel L.
Deefield, IL

"Besides making the purchase of my new Acura MDX hassle free and saving time by having Gary do the shopping for me, his negotiating skills saved me a few thousand dollars. Buying a new car was never easier. I am recommending Better Auto Buying to all my family and friends."

David W.
Glenview, IL

"We had the pleasure of working with Gary to purchase both of our cars this past summer. We were moving back to the US after living abroad, and needed to purchase two cars quite quickly. After attempting to navigate the buying process on our own, we turned to Gary - who was able to quickly find us the cars we wanted... at the very best prices. He provided the research and input we needed to make our decision, and was there at the dealership, to make sure that our purchases went quickly, smoothly and without surprise. He was a wonderful professional, and a pleasure to work with. If only all purchases could go this smoothly."

-Jane S.
Winnetka, IL

"Better Auto Buying Service was exactly what I needed to obtain the vehicle I was looking for. I had been wanting to purchase an SUV as a 2nd car for almost 3 years. I had never purchased a used car before and my schedule and time commitment for work made it difficult for me to do all the background work necessary to obtain exactly what I was looking for. I had one meeting with Gary and told him what I was looking for and he did the rest. When I met him at the dealership, there was the car I was looking for and he had already negotiated all of the details necessary. The service works and pays for itself in time and money."

-Jeffrey B.
Chicago, IL

"Gary was a huge help during my car buying experience. He helped me simplify my search process and explained what to expect at the dealership. Even when I found the car I loved, Gary spoke directly with the dealer and got the price even lower. He offers a terrific service and is extremely easy to work with. I recommend!"

-N. Katz
New Jersey

"I had never shopped for a car on my own, before. Working with Gary made the experience very simple, straightforward and enjoyable. We met to discuss what features were most important to me. I visited several dealerships that were conveniently located and test drove comparable models of different brands. When I had narrowed it down to the two models I liked best, Garycame to the dealership with my husband and me and we closed the deal that evening. Gary is easy to talk to, knows all the ins and outs of the car-buying business and makes himself available to answer any and all questions, no matter how small they seem. This is a great service that takes the stress out of what could be a daunting task. I never felt pressured; always confident that I had a knowledgeable person 'in my corner', and was able to see a superb negotiator in action. I love my new car and know that I got a great deal."

-Linda M.
Skokie, IL

"I appreciated Gary's courteous manner, and his service was more than worth what I paid for it. He made me feel confident about buying a car, taking my requests seriously, and found what I needed. Gary did the best job of negotiating for me with the dealer. Thank you again, Gary, and If someone asks me where and how I got my car, I definitely would say talk to Gary!”

-Hyonsuk K.
Northbrook, IL

"Gary, your help in getting a fair price both on purchase and trade was well worth the $ spent on your service... and that is to say nothing of the benefit of having somebody with your background and experience to bounce thoughts off of as one goes through the process of deciding what to buy. Thanks again."

-Gerry M.

"So glad I found this service - Gary was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with my recent new car purchase. Not only am I thrilled with my car (and the deal!) but the process was unbelievably easy. I'm recommending him to my friends....."

-Lisa K.
Chicago, IL.

"Dear Gary, Thanks for your help and ending up with the car we really wanted. The Jeep 'fit' perfectly in the mountains of Colorado, and we can't wait to drive it in the winter out there. We certainly will recommend your services to others. Thanks, very sincerely."

-Bob and Nan H.
Glenview, IL

"Having Gary Eisenstein as my advocate during my recent car shopping experience made me feel comfortable and at ease. It was obvious that Gary is very knowledgeable, but he completely dispelled the stereotypical "car salesman image" with his low key attitude. I remained confident throughout, knowing my best interests were being cared for. Thank you Gary. My new car and I have become great buddies."

-Vivian M.
Niles, IL


“Buying a car topped our list of "most undesirable things to do in life".  It was a process that we would put off until it was an absolute must and we would spend countless hours researching, looking, driving and wondering from dealer to dealer never really feeling satisfied that we got a good deal or made the correct decision.  
We went to Gary for his expertise in the field and we were not disappointed.  We initially needed a new kids car for the family and Gary asked us the pertinent questions that guided us to several selections to look at.  Gary met us at the dealer for the test drive and completed the deal for us in a totally painless manner. We walked out feeling confident that we bought the correct vehicle for our needs and got the best deal possible.  The other benefit was that Gary made a connection for us with the dealer that will last as we go back and service the vehicle, we became more than just another sale for the dealership. We so enjoyed the process and saw the value in having Gary at our side that we used his services again when we purchased our next vehicle a few months later.  We would highly recommend Gary.  He is professional, listens and knows the business from both the perspective of the dealer and the buyer. We are so pleased with both of our purchases and feel confident we got the correct vehicles for our needs and great deals at the same time.  Car buying has now become an enjoyable process for our family.”
Thanks Gary!
Bill and Mary N.
-Glenview, IL


 “As a recently widowed senior, I dreaded the thought of buying a new car on my own. My daughter recommended that I call Gary and he was so friendly and accommodating....he had the dealer locate exactly the car I wanted and negotiated an excellent deal for me.  I couldn't have been more pleased and love my new LaCrosse!”

Elaine S.
-Skokie, IL


"Dear Gary,
I want to thank you for helping my family find a great car at a great price!  Right from the start, you provided us peace-of-mind that we made the right decision to hire you as our buying consultant.  Your knowledge and experience of cars and the industry helped us narrow our choices, and in the end we spent much less time looking around than I would have on my own.  And even after we found the right car, the right dealer, and a good value, you were able to save even more off the already outstanding price just before the sale.  I was amazed! Truly, I thank you for top-notch service!  I most highly recommend that anyone who wants help finding the right car, purchased from the right dealer, and negotiated to the best price should strongly consider taking advantage of your valuable services.  Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future! "

Dr Michael J.
-Lincolnshire, IL


 “Gary showed extraordinary familiarity with a wide variety of automobiles, options available, service packages, etc. He assisted me in deciding on a product after providing all the information I could possibly use to make comparisons and reach an intelligent decision. He also demonstrated an inordinate patience in dealing with my many questions. He made car buying an enjoyable experience.”

Charles P.
-Northbrook, IL


“I am a graduate student with an incredibly busy schedule and tight budget, so when my car was totaled, I had few resources and no time to spend searching for a replacement. A friend told me about Gary who found me a low mileage Chevy Cobalt in a very short period of time. Gary’s expertise saved me a lot of money, time and trouble. I am very happy with my new car as well as the individualized and attentive service I received while working with Gary."

Thank You!
-Amy D. of Chicago


Dear Gary, 
We wanted to say thank you so much for the easy shopping experience in purchasing our new car.  From the moment we sat down to talk to you about what we thought we wanted in a car, to driving our new car off the lot, each step of buying our car was tension free.  You answered all of our questions and steered us in the best direction to help us find what we love to drive.  A once very trying time was turned into an easy process.  Now, we even are looking forward to purchasing our second car through you.
Thanks again,
Janet P.
-Northbrook, IL


“We needed a new car. I don't have time to research the various options and then shop for a reasonable deal on the car selected. I called Gary & we talked about what my wife & I wanted in the car we would buy. He gave us a few options. We discussed them & one option was clearly the best. He used his network of dealer contacts to negotiate a favorable price and a couple days after I first talked to Gary we owned a new car. And he did all this for a modest fee. I will clearly use him next time I buy a car....”

Mike A.
-Chicago, IL


"What service! As a previous customer, when my Mazda was wrecked I called Gary for some advice. He recommended I test drive an Altima, which I really liked, so I let him know which color and options I preferred. He did some checking and set an appointment to meet me the next day at a Nissan dealership that had the specific car I wanted. I picked up my insurance check and drove out to meet him. By the time I got there, the car was ready for delivery, and the price was negotiated to $1300 less than the price quote I had on my own! Gary went over everything to make sure it met with my approval...he even arranged for the dealer to return the rental car that I drove in with. Easiest deal I ever made."

Larry B.
-Flossmoor, IL 


Besides buying a house, a car is one of the biggest purchases I will make in my life. So it did not come without anxiety and nervousness that I make a good choice for financial and practical reasons. Gary alleviated all those concerns with his knowledge, expertise, and professionalism in assisting with buying my car. Gary made the process extremely easy and worry free before, during, and after the purchase.  I knew I got the right car and paid the right amount and for this I will continue to recommend and use his services in the future.

Brian S.


We are very picky and were not sure where to begin with our car search. We called Gary and he immediately helped us narrow down our choices. He took me to test drive two vehicles and helped us make a confident decision.

We are so happy with our new car and Gary ultimately knew exactly what we wanted. He has great relationships with the dealership where we got our car and made the whole experience enjoyable.

Jenny S.
Chicago, IL.