How does Better Auto Buying work?


I charge a flat fee for the Better Auto Buying service to act as a consultant.
I work exclusively on my client's behalf and am guided only by what is in their best interest. I provide every client with the personalized guidance necessary to make an ideal vehicle choice. I facilitate the entire buying process every step of the way eliminating many of the unpleasant aspects of car buying. I also serve as their advocate to provide a comfortable shopping experience, exceptional savings and the best results.

Man look at car in dealership showroom

Determining the client's buying objectives.
I consult with the client to determine what their particular vehicle needs and wants are and to define their purchase objectives. I also have them fill out a brief questionnaire about various vehicle features, preferences and priorities that help me better understand exactly what they are looking for. 

Recommendation of specific vehicle choices.
Next, I assess this information to make a personalized recommendation of the top two specific vehicle choices that I've determined are best suited to meet with my client's expectations. As an independent consultant my focus is never limited to any one brand, manufacturer or dealer.

Test drives and screening vehicles.
I prearrange the test drives of vehicles the client is interested in at a convenient dealership location. I will also locate and screen suitable used vehicles when they are desired.

Cars for sale

Streamlining the vehicle buying process.
In addition to helping them find an ideal vehicle, I facilitate the client's entire buying process providing guidance with each step, but never rush or pressure them into making a buying decision.
Going to the dealership to purchase the vehicle.
Once the client has made a particular vehicle choice, and is ready to buy, I accompany them to the dealership that has offered us the best legitimate pricing & terms to purchase their desired vehicle. I am there to insure that my client receives full value if there is a trade-in, and to review the terms of financing, warranty, etc. when applicable. I insure that the dealer delivers exactly as promised, and that everything meets with the client's approval. 

Eliminating many of the unpleasant aspects of car buying.
Since the negotiating is done for the client, they avoid the high pressure, game playing and time wasting that other consumers routinely endure. My involvement also helps establish a stronger rapport between my clients and the dealers they buy from, definitely a plus when they return for service.