Frequently Asked Questions

Is Better Auto Buying an auto brokering service?  No, a broker's main purpose is to add his own markup onto your purchase while limiting you to buy from their dealers only. Unlike brokers and dealers, I work to maximize your savings, and am not limited to any particular dealers.

Do you work for dealerships or manufacturers?  No, I am paid by and work exclusively for my clients. As their consultant I provide them with expert guidance, a stress-free buying process and save them as much money as possible. I am not compensated by the dealerships we deal with.

Woman holding carWhat brands and manufacturers do you deal with?  As an independent buyer's advocate I can help you purchase any brand or model that you decide on. I'll help you weigh the pros and cons of each model you're considering.

Do you offer help with both new and used cars?  I can assist with either new or used vehicle purchases and can help you to decide which may be best for you. I am familiar with a wide variety of the new vehicles currently being offered and have extensive experience and resources in the used car market as well.

What is the cost of your service?  I charge a flat fee of $499 for the full Better Auto Buying service. This includes everything you see listed under the "How it works" heading on this website.

Why should I spend extra money to hire a consultant? I help my clients make proper vehicle selections, save them time, and reduce their stress, while still saving them more than the cost of my fee. Dealers are experts at generating profit when they sell vehicles. I am an expert at saving my client's money when they buy one. Avoiding one costly mistake can save you many times over what you pay me. Click on the "Advantages" heading on this website to see more benefits of Better Auto Buying.  

Can you guarantee that I'll get the lowest price?  No one can promise you that, but I will get you the lowest legitimate offers from reliable dealers that don't "lowball" customers. I have the leverage and know how to get my clients a much lower bottom line deal than they could possibly get on their own.

Can I hire you just to negotiate for me? I am available to negotiate only, or simply assist in your selection process if that is what is required. A lower rate is charged for either individual service.