What are the advantages of Better Auto Buying?

Buying with Confidence and Ease - As a successful new car dealer for over 30 years, and now as the buyer's advocate, my experience, resources and knowledge of the auto sales industry provide my clients with many compelling advantages.

Woman Driving Car

Objective Professional Advice - As an independent consultant my focus is never limited to any one brand, manufacturer or dealer. My fee is never dependent on which vehicle my client buys or where it's purchased. My familiarity with a wide array of vehicles in the marketplace enables me to better assist my clients in their decision making.

Client Satisfaction - Too many consumers make poor vehicle choices that result in buyer's remorse. For this reason I place a strong emphasis on helping my clients choose a vehicle that's ideal for them, because that's the key to their satisfaction.

Stress-free Buying Process - Facilitating the buying process on my client's behalf effectively eliminates many of the obstacles and pressures of car buying, while helping them avoid costly mistakes.

Greater Savings - My involvement provides the leverage needed to negotiate the best pricing on my client's behalf. Dealers are more willing to sell to my clients for less because they realize that I'll bring them more business when they do. I also protect my clients from many subtle ways dealers put extra profit into a deal that most consumers aren't even aware of.

More Pricing Advantages - Because I also provide wholesale used vehicle brokering services to a large number of car dealers in the Chicago area, I have an extensive number of dealership connections & relationships that I can rely on to get the most favorable pricing and treatment for my clients. This network is of tremendous value, not only as a great source of new & used vehicles for my clients, but it also helps me obtain the highest trade-in values for them.

Added Value - I am confident that I will save you more money than you'll pay for my services. When you consider the added value of the expert advice, time savings, stress-free buying process, and your overall satisfaction, that's money well spent.

Proven Results - My client's satisfaction is my top priority, and I'm proud of all of the positive feedback I have received from them. People who have hated car buying are thrilled with my unique approach. Please read some of their testimonials posted on this website.

Affordable Rates - This service saves money for people on any budget. It not only provides convenience and time savings, but also safeguards the client's money. Dealers are experts at generating profit when they sell vehicles. I am an expert at saving my client's money when they buy one. Avoiding one costly mistake can save many times over the cost of my service.