About Gary Eisenstein

Gary EisensteinA native Chicagoan and third generation family member in the automobile business, I became familiar with the auto sales industry at an early age. My grandfather was a Hudson dealer in Chicago in the 1940s - '50s, and in 1957, my father opened a Plymouth-DeSoto dealership in Chicago Heights.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 1975 with a B.A. in Communications, I followed in the family tradition by becoming a full partner in Harold Motors, Inc., which sold Chrysler-Plymouth-Mazda and Jeep vehicles in Olympia Fields, Illinois.

I spent the next 30+ years as dealer principal at this dealership, where we were known for our straight forward selling approach and fair dealing, something very rare in our business. We prided ourselves on our sterling reputation, high customer satisfaction, and a huge following of wonderfully loyal customers.

Since selling those dealerships, in addition to offering consumers my buying assistance, I've provided wholesale used vehicle brokering services for a large number of auto dealers in the Chicago area. As a result I have an extensive network of dealer relationships & connections that I often rely on to get the most favorable pricing and treatment for my Better Auto Buying clients. This network is a tremendous advantage, not only as a great source of vehicles for my clients, but also in obtaining the highest trade-in values for them.

In my role as the consultant & buyer's advocate, customer satisfaction is still my top priority, and I'm very proud of the great feedback I'm receiving from my Better Auto Buying clients.

After all the years as a dealer, I truly enjoy being on the other side of the transaction with my clients. I find it most rewarding to help people get what they want while making their lives a little easier in the process.