Welcome to Better Auto Buying

Better Auto Buying is a personalized car buying service designed to help consumers buy or lease any new or used vehicle with the utmost confidence and ease.

  • Woman loves her new carThis unique and valuable service is provided by its founder, Gary Eisenstein, a former new car dealer for over 30 years, who works exclusively on the consumer's behalf for a reasonable fee.

  • Clients receive the unbiased expert advice they need to select an ideal vehicle and maximize their savings while avoiding costly mistakes.

  • A streamlined buying process, with all the negotiating performed for the client, eliminates many of the unpleasant aspects associated with car buying.

  • Gary's experience, resources and knowledge of the auto sales industry provide his clients with considerable advantages and truly exceptional results.
Gary Eisenstein Photo"Enjoy a stress free buying experience, unparalleled savings and the peace of mind that results from buying confidently."
Gary Eisenstein
Independent Automotive Consultant
Founder of Better Auto Buying